Q: What is Montessori?

A:  It is a unique teaching method that provides a healthy balance between freedom of choice and structured activity. The prepared learning environment provides a pleasant atmosphere, allowing for the child to explore carefully designed materials.  At the Palo Alto Montessori School, we help to stimulate the child's interest and facilitate a joy for learning. 


Q:  Who is Montessori?

A:  Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian medical doctor, devoted her entire life to the study and education of young children.  She prepared a learning environment for children that proved highly beneficial to their growth and aided them in achieving their fullest potential.  At the Palo Alto Montessori School we employ her ground-breaking work. 


Q:  Is the Palo Alto Montessori School affiliated with any other schools?

A: No, we are the oldest continuously operating  Montessori school in Palo Alto.  We have been in business since 1977 and we are not and have never been affiliated with any another school.  In recent years, other Montessori schools have opened in the area and attempted to imply a relationship to us, either by word of mouth or by adopting a similar sounding name.  Don't be fooled!  We are the original Palo Alto Montessori and we have earned our sterling reputation by providing quality education for forty plus years.  


Q:  What makes the Palo Alto Montessori School different from other programs?

A:   We have a carefully designed unique facility, a home-away-from-home environment that allows children to become comfortable.  Our highly qualified staff has been together for over 18 years, giving  continuity and stability to our children and the community. We believe our incomparable learning experience sets the stage for the leaders and responsible citizens of tomorrow. 


Q:  After attending your program, will my child  adjust to public school?

A:  Yes. We prepare children to be independent, self directed, and confident.  No matter where they go, they should do well.  Our graduates frequently turn out to be outstanding students. 


Q:  Does your school provide meals?

A:    No.  Some children have food allergies and others have special dietary restrictions.  We feel it is best for the parents to determine their own child's diet. 


Q:  Do you teach computers to the child? 

A:    No.  In the Montessori Method we believe in allowing children to be children.  Childhood is a special time that can never be replaced. The early years of development will have a profound impact on children's lives. Our emphasis is on children learning first the basics of living, and how to take care of themselves.  Then, we instill the basic academic skills children will need later to excel in the technological world. 


Q:  What should I do if my child cries during the first days of school?

A:    It is natural for a child to cry during the first two weeks of school.  Your child has developed an attachment to you, and when the child is initially introduced to a new environment, crying may be a natural method of expressing anxiety.  The best thing to do is drop your child off and leave the premises quickly.  Once the child feels comfortable, he or she will love coming to school to be with his or her friends. 


Q:  Why should my child enroll in a Montessori program?

A:    The Montessori curriculum provides your child with a strong foundation in the formative years.  It will help him or her develop into a well-rounded, responsible, happy and fulfilled person. 


Q:  How do I enroll my child in the Palo Alto Montessori School?

A:   Call or e-mail us to obtain an application form, and submit it along with the application fee.