At the Palo Alto Montessori School, we continuously strive to offer an unique learning experience compared to other child care programs. In the spirit of Dr. Maria Montessori, our approach begins with a fundamental respect for the child. We view this critical period of childhood education as a partnership between the child, the parents, and the Palo Alto Montessori School. Here, the development of academics, motor skill development, and Montessori education are offered in a carefully prepared environment designed to balance freedom and structure. Our goal is to facilitate the development of each child with the specific purpose of allowing him or her to become:

  • A joyful person with a dynamic personality.

  • A creative thinker who finds happiness through self achievement and by helping others to achieve their goals.

  • Self-reliant, responsible and graceful. * An intelligent and active explorer with the discipline to overcome obstacles with confidence and imagination.

  • One of the builders of a fuller and happier world.